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Order Cancellation

Cancel Your Order Before Payment

If you want to cancel an order before payment, you can just leave it alone or click the cancel order button in your account or contact us if necessary.
Note: If you leave an order unpaid for over one week, it will be invalid to process payment, as prices, availability, shipping costs and currency conversion rates etc. may have changed during this period. In this case, please simply place a new order for contact us for more information.

Cancel Your Order After Payment

ReChannels will start to process your order once payment is captured by the system. So if you want to cancel order after payment, please contact us immediately. If the order is not shipped yet, we will be able to cancel it and issue full or partial refund(if re-stock fees involved); if the order is already shipped, customers have to take the responsibility for any possible losses, but ReChannels will do our best to minimize the loss and provide a reasonable solution.

Revise Your Order After Payment

To revise your order after payment, such as adding exra items, reducing / deleting or change items, etc., please contact us directly. Our account manger will help you based on your requests.