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Taxes & Duites

Tax Policy varies from countries to countries, which is a complicated issues. Before you start importing big quantities of products from aboard, you'll need to research the law and practices in your country or shipping destination. Please read the following notes for some basic background.

No Sales Tax Charged By Rechannels:

There are no sales taxes or any hidden charges when you buy at - However, you may need to pay some taxes on your local side when you receive the goods.

Tax And Air Mail Packets

Typically, taxes are more often/more strictly applied to courier shipments (such as DHL and FedEx) than postal shipments (Air Mail, USPS, EMS).
In many countries, for single items, postal shipping is a simple way to reduce or eliminate import taxes.

Tax Liability

1. The importer is solely responsible for all import taxes, sales taxes, and any other customs-related charges.

2. The original price of the products will be printed on the commercial invoice, not the price after using coupon. The coupon code applied to the order is not particular product.

3. Rechannels accepts no liability for any tax charges. Importing taxes and charges cannot and will not be quoted/predicted, and they cannot be reimbursed to you under any circumstances.

4. If your package has been blocked by the customer, and you refuse to offer the clearance documents or pay the taxes, your goods will be seized by the custom, destroyed, or returned back to China.

If you need any documents for the custom clearance, please feel free to contact with us at